Listening Samples

Valse Romantique from the Hommage  à Chopin (1966) by Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986).

Tansman, Valse Romantique

Three Mazurkas:

Mazurka-Choros by Heitor Villa-Lobos

Mazurka en sol by Francisco Tárrega

Mazurka Appassionata by Agustín Barrios

A live performance of Invocacion y danza by Joaquin Rodrigo for the Wilmington Classical Guitar Society

A Passacaglia by the Baroque Lutenist, Sylvius Leopold Weiss.

A performance of “People Are on the Streets” for electric guitar, live electronics, and video by Igor C. Silva.

An interpretation of a score by Candas Sisman called “SYN-Phon” recorded live by the Pique Collective at Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore, MD

For this score, the Pique Collective used flute, cello, keyboard, electric guitar, and an array of percussion instruments. Jeremy also used a synthesizing pedal to manipulate certain sounds through his guitar.


Below is an original composition by Jeremy Lyons titled, “Music for Exploding Heads.”

The piece was premiered by the Pique Collective in collaboration with the artist, Ann Walsh. Scored for Flute, piano, voice, guitar, and cello, the music is a commentary on the nature of thoughts that fill our heads. Ann smashes plaster heads, which are replicas of her own head, over the course of the piece in both a rhythmic and improvisatory fashion.

A full shot of the performance:

Two songs by Manuel de Falla featuring Lisa Perry: El Paño Moruno and Asturiana.

Part of a live performance of Steve Reich’s Nagoya Marimbas played on one guitar and one marimba.

Here is the final generation of “Narayana’s Cows” by Tom Johnson performed live by the Pique Collective.

Danza Mora by Francisco Tarrega


A live recording of the Op.41 guitar fantasy for two guitars “Les Deux Amis” by Fernando Sor

Performed by Jeremy Lyons and Petrit Ceku

Another performance of a piece by Fernando Sor: Etude Op.6 No.12

Below are original guitar compositions by Glenn Lyons performed live by Jeremy Lyons at the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society


Below is a live performance of some Spanish music performed by soprano, Lisa Perry and Jeremy.

Junto al Generalife – Joaquin Rodrigo

Seguildilla Murciana – Manuel de Falla

Jota – Manuel de Falla

Nana – Manuel de Falla

La Tarara – Federico Garcia-Lorca (text)

El Cafe de Chinitas – Federico Garcia-Lorca (text)


Selections from live performances of Suites in E dur BWV 1006a and e moll BWV 996 by J.S. Bach

Prelude BWV 1006a

Gigue BWV 1006a

Pelude BWV 996

Courante BWV 996


Here is another audio sample of Jeremy playing the Invocacion y danza by Joaquin Rodrigo