Studio Policies

Jeremy’s Guitar Studio Policies

What I expect of you: As a student, you must come to your lesson with an open and relaxed mind, willing to listen and try many different ideas. This is an important principle if you expect to grow as a musician and as a human being.

What you can expect of me: As a teacher, I will work with you to achieve your individual goals as long as those goals are expressed clearly and a proper amount of work and dedication is shown.

Practicing: The amount of work I expect from any student will be subject to the goals the student wishes to reach. I do suggest keeping a practice log that outlines how much time has been spent practicing and what was worked on. The student’s progress will always be reflected in the amount of work that is done outside the lesson.

Materials: The proper materials are required for a successful lesson and a productive practice session. These include, but are not limited to: A suitable instrument, the correct strings, a proper foot-stool, a music stand (preferably low), a proper chair and a metronome. In addition, I will often ask students to listen to select recordings of music or attend a local concert as listening is an important part of musical training.

Focus: It is best to schedule a practice session during a day that is not too busy and during a time in which you can focus best. For optimal results during a practice session, you should be in an environment free of distraction.

Billing: A thirty minute lesson will cost $40, a forty-five minute lesson will cost $50, and an hour lesson will cost $60. I require payment for a month of lessons (4 or 5) before the first lesson of the month. You may also choose to pay for multiple months at a time or even by semester (14-15 lessons).

Absence: If a lesson must be missed for any reason, I require 24 hours notice to ensure a make-up can be scheduled. If you are absent from a lesson without 24 hours notice, I do not guarantee a make-up is possible, and in most cases it is not.

Contact: To schedule a lesson time and to further discuss the policies in detail, please contact me via the contact page here on my website.

Jeremy Lyons