Teaching Repertoire List

The materials listed below are widely used and are presented as a reference for students to see what methods are available.  I tend to use selections from these methods and I also draw from materials that may not be listed on this page.  No single guitar method has ever been proven to be superior for every student, thus a variety of options exist.


Methods for beginners

  • Learning the Classic Guitar Parts 1 and 2 by Aaron Shearer
  • Classical Guitar for the Young books 1 and 2 by Jay Traylor
  • Classical Guitar Method book 1 by Elias Barreiro
  • Solo Guitar Playing book 1 by Frederick Noad


Methods for intermediate level students

  • Classical Guitar Method book 2 by Elias Barreiro
  • Classical Guitar for the Young book 3 by Jay Traylor
  • The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method books 1 and 2
  • Guitar Lessons books 1-3 by Julio S. Sagreras
  • Royal Conservatory of Music Guitar Series books 1-4
  • Solo Guitar Playing book 2 by Frederick Noad


Methods for advanced students

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Guitar Series books 5-8
  • Guitar Lessons books 4-6 by Julio S. Sagreras
  • Pumping Nylon by Scott Tennant


Additional Studies to be inserted based on level

  • Matteo Carcassi Op. 60 etudes
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos 12 etudes
  • Fernando Sor 20 selected etudes (A. Segovia edition)
  • Leo Brouwer 20 etudes and 10 new etudes
  • J.S. Bach selections from Lute suites, cello suites, and violin sonatas


Additional reading to be used by student and teacher

  • Learning the Classic Guitar Part 1 by Aaron Shearer
  • School of Guitar by Abel Carlevaro
  • Method for Guitar by Fernando Sor