The Legend of Moll Dyer

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Starting Tuesday, October 27th 2020 and running through Halloween, Music at St. David’s Episcopal Church will be featuring Pique Collective in an interactive story telling experience. Viewers will be able to listen to the legend of Moll Dyer, an early colonial Marylander, from the perspective of a narrator or from Moll herself (portrayed by Lisa Perry). After each scene of narration, viewers will then be able to select a musical representation of the storyline. With multiple options at each turn, viewers can choose several different paths to watch and listen to Pique Collective as they perform sixteen different compositions including works by Lisa Perry, Douglas Buchanan, Betsy Biggs, Hildur Gudnadottir, Jeremy Lyons, Arvo Part, and Leo Brouwer.

To view the story and watch the performance, follow the link below, and for more information, visit